Fishing in South Louisiana

Come and experience the vast beauty and fishing pleasure.

While catching fish is our fortay, there is so much more to see and experience than just filling the box.  From bald eagles to pelicans and alligators to otters, there is always something new and exciting waiting for you around the next bend in the bayou.
Fish with friends...
Young or old, south Louisiana is a joy to behold!
As avid outdoor writers and entertainers, getting in the boat with Hurricane Bay Charters will not only get you a good time, but you may also find a small piece of fame before you head home.  Between social media venues and printed publications, you just never know where your face and fish will show up.  We have landed clients in local magazines ranging from article pictures to cover shots, it's just one extra step we take to ensure a great experience for your clients, family, friends or yourself.  We have partnered with printed magazines across the coast as authors and photographers and while the editors determine what shots make it, we do our best to give them what they want. 
Located just 32 miles south of New Orleans, La.  we are a small charter company and we like to keep it that way.  Giving personal attention to every one that enters our vessel is our main priority.  If you are new to fishing, we have the patience to get you acclimated to the equipment and style of fishing and if you're an avid angler we will make sure to customize our approach to fish your desired style.  We are a company that works for you, not for us.